How to use

Read Marvel is a place where you can create and manage lists of the Marvel comic books you've read, you're currently reading or would like to read very soon. You can also create lists of your favourite comic book characters. You've got all of Marvel's comic books and characters available to browse through and add to your custom lists.

All lists you create are public and you can share them with your friends and on the social networks.

Here is an explanation of the website’s basic features. Ok, let’s go.

  1. Main page - you can find a couple of random Marvel comic book series titles here. Just click on the image of the one that interests you and you will be taken to its' detail page.

  2. Series details page - On this page, you can find detailed information about the chosen series (Authors, Comic book issues, Rating etc.) as well as other user comments.

  3. Leaving a comment - below the series information, you will find the “Comments section”. This section contains user comments. You need to be logged in order to leave a comment yourself.

  4. Adding series to a list - When you are logged in, you will see an “Add to list” button in the upper right corner of the series details page. Clicking the button will open a modal dialog with a small form. Fill in the data and submit.

  5. Profile page - the page consists of two sections - Personal data and Lists

    1. Personal data - you have the option to add your real name (or a nickname) and some info about you. Both fields are not mandatory and you can leave them blank. To change your avatar and background image, click on the small pencil icon on the lower right corner of your background image. Choose an image file and wait a couple of seconds for the page to refresh.

    2. Lists - a page with all your lists. When you register there are four template lists generated for you by default. You can find them here.

  6. List page - when you select a list, you’ll see a table with all series that you have added to this list.

    1. Sharing a list - If you wish to share a list, click the “right arrow” icon in the lower right corner of the background image above the list. A small modal dialog, containing a link, will be shown. Copy this link by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C or click the Copy button on the left side of the link. Now you can share the link with your family, friends or on your favourite social network.

    2. Editing the background image - if you wish to edit the background image of a list, click the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the background image. Select an image from your computer and wait a couple of seconds for the page to refresh.

  7. Characters

    1. Character list - You will be redirected to a page with a couple of randomly selected characters. At the top of the page, you will find a search bar where you can search for your favourite characters. If you click on the picture of a character, you will be redirected to his/hers details page

    2. Character details page - You can find some information (if available) and what events this character took part in and what series he was a part of;

    3. Favourite character - right below the picture of the character, you will find a button "Add to favourites". Simply click it and the character will be added to the list of your favourite characters (you can check that list in your profile page). You want to remove the character from favourites - simply click the red button again and it's all taken care of.